Glamour Photography Club of Texas


Welcome to the Glamour Photography Club of Texas!  One of the oldest and largest clubs in Texas & Oklahoma.  Events are regularly scheduled and include a wide range of events such as photography workshops, club shoots (where the photographers get to decide on sets and lighting), instructional classes, and even social events.

Everyone is welcome whether you are an experienced photographer or if you just received your camera yesterday. Our members are some of the friendliest and most helpful photographers around, and are always willing to share photography information and help newcomers.

We shoot on location, as well as in our well equipped studios. Our principal interest is glamour photography, but you are sure to learn principles that apply to many other forms of photography. Furthermore, we have “sister” clubs that we do all our non-glamour events through.

The main goal of all our photoshoot events is for you to learn and improve your skills, network with other photographers and models, and leave with images that you will be proud to add to your portfolio.

We use professional models as well as professional hair and make-up artists. We have an extensive range of photo equipment for use whether on location or in the studio. When we do shoot in the studio, our studio provides you with many options for backgrounds and special effects.

In short, if you join the Glamour Photography Club of Texas you’ll have the opportunity to create images with some of the most beautiful models in the industry, expand your portfolio, network with others who share your passion for photography, and expand your knowledge of photography. We also have many social functions on our calendar. These are great events to come out to, meet myself and other club members, and find out what we are all about.

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