Category: Blondes

Amy Prause

Amy Prause from the recent Super Glamour I event.


Images from Super Glamour I

Just one of the models from the Super Glamour I event held Super Bowl weekend.


Sarah Jain

As promised, here are more images of the sexy Sarah Jain.


Sarah Jain

From a recent shoot.  More to come in the near future.


The Lovely Amy Prause

Just a single image from a shoot with the lovely and talented Amy Prause.


Club Photo Shoot w/Elizabeth Jean

aI operate many photo clubs (Dallas, Houston, Austin, OKC, Ozarks).  These images were from a photo shoot that I hosted for my club in Dallas.  If you would like to get more information about one of the clubs, visit this website,


Photo Shoot w/Mia

In addition to my portfolio images, I will try to post images from photos shoots with any one particular model from time to ttime.  I will try to mix it up between current and past photo shoots. This is from a past photo shoot with Mia.   If you have a model that you like and want to see more of her, just let me know.  Enjoy!